£8.6 million for heritage led projects in Scotland’s cities

Scotland’s seven cities are set to benefit from over £8.6 million of investment for heritage-led regeneration projects.

The funding is being released through the City Heritage Trust programme, which is administered by Historic Environment Scotland (HES).

Each of Scotland’s seven cities has an organisation working as a City Heritage Trust (CHT) to enhance the condition, maintenance and understanding of the historic environment in their city.

Delivered from 2018-2021, the HES funding will allow CHTs to direct resources to local heritage-led projects that will create jobs, regenerate buildings and city precincts, provide training opportunities in the sector and lever additional funding from other sources.

The funding will be distributed over the next three years to the following CHTs:

In partnership with HES, and working collaboratively with local authorities and other groups, CHTs will deliver this funding through their own programmes to eligible local projects.

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