d3 Audio Visual Ltd offers the smart choice: in technology and location

The world of business has changed dramatically in the past decade, but connectivity remains an essential prerequisite for success across every sector. It’s a need that d3 Audio & Visual Ltd has been successfully addressing from its Perth base since 2005.

Marc Heath, Managing Director

When we originally set up, Perth offered an ideal location with the commercial hubs of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow each just an hour or so away. Indeed, almost all of Scotland’s population live within a three-hour drive.

With this excellent access to our market, we set about offering our commercial customer base a service focused on insight, expertise and integrity.

We’re not event technicians, we design physical installations and provide tools that will remain efficient for clients in the long-term. They get the right technology to meet their needs and specific requirements, not the latest fashion: defined, designed and delivered by d3.

Each AV installation is unique, and every venue has its own characteristics, whether it’s the international requirements of the modern boardroom, or the acoustics in a church hall (d3 quickly became – and remains – the market leader in AV systems for churches).

We always listen first. We listen and then define the client’s needs in terms of clear project objectives, and in plain language. Our objective is to deliver long-term, embedded solutions for non-technical users, and it is an approach that has ensured that client referrals and repeat business have been the foundation for our growth.

Our client base today includes training suites for corporate clients, conference facilities for hotels and venues, and hospitality suites. It includes large corporates like the energy company SSE – a FTSE 100 brand in our corporate client base, and one of our neighbours here in Perth – as well as high growth businesses like Skyscanner.

We also support high profile venues, including the corporate hospitality suites at Manchester United and Silverstone; and smaller, bespoke installations, such as those in the theatres and assembly halls of a number of leading independent schools.

Perth also happens to be our base because this was home at the time, and the quality of life in this area means you want to stay. In fact, two directors trained in Sound and Audio Engineering at Perth College, which has an outstanding industry reputation. This training and subsequent industry experience set the benchmark for all d3 employees.

Naturally, everyone today is cost conscious, but the lowest price is rarely if ever the best value. There is no such thing as a typical project, and project solutions typically evolve, as we listen and identify what customers really need. We are there to scope the right solution and provide technical expertise in its design and installation. Where some competitors might befuddle with terminology, we talk in plain language and deal with clear and manageable solutions.

Our focus on service has been the other pillar for our business development over the years. It’s a business philosophy that has brought us growth across the UK, and we have a new showroom planned for the corporate market, which will open in the central belt this spring. It has also led to international assignments in Barcelona and Malta, both easily reached by direct flights from either Glasgow or Edinburgh airports.

Now, our latest expansion is also about innovation; but it applies our expertise to a new market. Smart home technology is a hot topic, but solutions based around the ‘internet of things’ can prove to be a shotgun to our own heads. Our personal data sits in the cloud and can be anonymised, aggregated and shared with others, without our knowledge or approval.

Our new subsidiary company, Inspiro.House, applies our expertise to provide self-standing smart home solutions, with all the functional offering that clients expect – from managing heating and lighting remotely, to advanced security systems and home entertainment. But crucially, our solutions are not sharing data with the cloud.

Again, every solution is bespoke, and our Perth showroom – the first of its kind in Scotland – is attracting customers from across the country. Perth’s central location is again proving its value, with half of Scotland’s population living within 60 minutes drive time of the city centre. That’s a smart choice.


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