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Perth is one of the UK's leading cities for digital connectivity with superfast & ultrafast broadband available.…
International investment secures landmark £5.9m deal in @PerthCityCentre.

Perth is Scotland's third fastest growing region with an ambition to deliver growth and increased prosperity. The west of Perth has been identifed as an area for city growth, but access to the area needs to be improved to allow this to create £500 million of public benefits to the local economy. 

A number of developers are already pressing ahead with plans to develop the west of the city, based on the approved Local Development Plan. However, Perth's growth into the surrounding area is constrained unless new roads infrastructure is put in place to access development land to the west of the A9 north of Scone. 

The Perth Transport Futures Project is an integrated series of measures to address Perth's long term transportation needs and ensure Perth's growth does not compromise the national trunk road network.

Whilst many of the individual measures have merits in isolation only when all elements are in place does the optimum benefits accrue.

The project can be divided into four phases:

  1. A9/A85 Junction Improvement and Link Road to Bertha Park
  2. Cross Tay Link Road (CTLR) - connecting the A9 to the A93 and A94 north of the city
  3. Bertha Park connection road (to A9)
  4. Associated city centre improvements 

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