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Perth is one of the UK's leading cities for digital connectivity with superfast & ultrafast broadband available.…
International investment secures landmark £5.9m deal in @PerthCityCentre.


The Tay Eco-Valley is striving to be a leading eco-innovation living lab (user-centred, open-innovation eco-system) in the UK and Europe. The Tayside area including Perth & Kinross and it's neighbouring authorities are all part of the Tay Eco-Valley.

What is innovation? Not just re-inventing the wheel but the process by which ideas can be turned into a new or improved product, service or business process. Eco-innovation aims to create innovative products and processes that reduce environmental impacts.

Resource efficiency, low carbon and the circular economy are areas offering eco-innovation opportunities aimed at reducing environmental impacts and supporting sustainable business growth.

The key sectors such as Food & Drink, Tourism, Transport, Energy, Construction, Clean & Renewable Technologies can all benefit from and support eco-innovation and the Tay Eco Valley can assist with realising opportunities.

Is your business adhering to the Waste (Scotland) Regulations?

What’s on offer?

  • The creation of opportunities for business growth through demonstrator projects (for example the proposed heat pump at the Food & Drink park)
  • Promote and signpost businesses to support services, renewable energy suppliers, finance and mentoring opportunities in the form of a business directory.
  • Provide a leading edge networking forum for debate and discussion for the generation of fresh solutions in eco-innovation to stimulate entrepreneurial growth in Tayside.
  • EcoTechnic
  • Promote and facilitate access to skills and training to support eco-innovation with links to local Universities and Colleges.
  • Promote collaboration between businesses, academia, the public and community sectors on eco-innovation in the Tay Eco-Valley.




EcoTechnic is a business network to support business to business collaboration, promote local goods and services and facilitate access to information, advice and best practice in the renewables and green technology sector/industry. The network also provides support for sector demonstration projects.

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