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Perth is one of the UK's leading cities for digital connectivity with superfast & ultrafast broadband available.…
International investment secures landmark £5.9m deal in @PerthCityCentre.

Businesses of all sizes flourish in Perth City Region – and yours can too.

From globally recognised brands such as Gleneagles Hotel to industry-leaders such as Aviva the region offers access to a highly skilled workforce, national and international connectivity and a highly supportive and collaborative business environment.

Major PLCs such as SSE, Stagecoach and Highland Spring are head-quartered here, as well as market leading SMEs like Inveralmond Brewery and award-winning artisan businesses like Highland Chocolatiér. All are developing and growing in a base that combines strategic business benefits with a fantastic quality of life.

Explore how businesses are thriving across the region's key sectors…

Financial Services

Financial Services play a vital role within the economic structure of the Perth city region, accounting for more than 8,000 jobs – around 13% of the working age population.

Aviva case study
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Food and Drink

Food and drink is one of Scotland's key growth sectors with ambitions to grow from £13.1Bn today to £16.5Bn by 2017.

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Foodie Paradise
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Perth Food & Drink Brochure
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Regional Recipe
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Renewables and Clean technology

Perth offers an ideal location for businesses operating in the renewable and clean technology sectors or those we are looking to adopt green technology processes.  The home to the global HQ of SSE and boasts a mix of renewable energy resources, technologies, eco-innovation and expertise which can all be harnessed to achieve sustainable economic growth and will move your business towards achieving the Waste (Scotland) Regulations.

The benefits your businesses would gain from being based in Perth are: {sector-details}

 UK’s top area for micro-generation (the generation of electricity or heat on a small scale) installed capacity linking to high quality products and services. Supply chain extending across all renewable technologies through the Tay Eco Valley. High resource availability for hydro and biomass energy/fuel production. Expertise, innovation and skills in upstream, professional and installation services. Focused on sustainable and resilient communities and businesses. A well connected (superfast broadband) and accessible area. The option to join the EcoTechnic. 

The area has a supply chain extending across all renewable technologies, but is particularly strong in biomass and building energy efficiency, as well as solar PV, on-shore wind and micro hydro.

There is a broad capability across the supply chain, with particular strength in upstream, professional services and biomass fuel supply, and significant installation and maintenance skills.

Perth College UHI is the largest training provider in Perth and Kinross and offers bespoke and certified training across a wide range of disciplines linked to renewables and clean technologies.

The University of Dundee, University of Abertay Dundee and University of St Andrews, all within a 45-minute radius of the City of Perth, each provide a broad range of relevant training, expertise and skills.

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With a vacancy rate well below the national average, Perth city centre delivers a vibrant retail experience, which will be enhanced in 2016 through planned public realm works.

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The Perth City Region is one of Scotland's strongest options for tourism business and investment opportunities.

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Tourism Infographic
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Tourism Sector Plan March 2016
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