Perth Eco Innovation Park is perfectly placed to host and nurture smart logistics development, coupled with investment in clean energy and innovation technologies for urban living. 

Located within a 240 hectares mixed – use development which will provide 3,000 new homes, schools, amenities and public realm, Perth Eco Innovation Park will offer 20 hectares of serviced plots with a smart infrastructure backbone. All to support eco innovation investment and business growth.

This is the space to host and nurture the innovations we are seeing across the globe in the fields of smart logistics & transportation (consolidation centre, cold and shared storage, 3D printing, medical storage & Last Mile delivery, automation, rEV and hydrogen fuel, MaaS), smart energy (smart networks, decentralised renewable production and distribution) and potential for smart construction (net zero carbon commercial and residential buildings, network infrastructure), all set within an open, digital infrastructure.

The park will benefit from renewable energy provided by a large solar farm and other sources adjacent to the site. Perth Innovation Highway will connect the Park to the A9 with a grade separated junction and to Perth City Centre – a first for Scotland and establishing Perth as a city-scale eco innovation living lab.

A benefit of our strong public-private-academic partnership is that Perth is now uniquely positioned to capture this economic opportunity. Our analysis and forecasts suggest the project will deliver 1,000+ new and skilled FTE jobs for Perth and the Tay Cities Region as we transition to become Scotland’s leading low carbon economy.

Infrastructure and technology investment opportunities are available now and end user ready sites will be available in 2024.

Current Status

  • Strong public/private/academic partnership in place.
  • Infrastructure designed and costed as part of a masterplan which is evolving.
  • Public-private Joint Venture under consideration to drive forward delivery.
  • Initial public sector infrastructure investment agreed.
  • Funding earmarked through the Tay Cities Deal for smart infrastructure investment.
  • A digital, Internet of Things enabled open platform fibre network for new commerce, research, manufacturing and housing to be developed during 2020.
  • First phase of an electrical charging corridor for public transport, commercial and private vehicles will be completed by December 2020.
  • Feasibility study for a large solar farm and other sources to provide renewable energy to the park completed, and delivery modelling being developed.

The Invest In Perth team is currently seeking interest from both existing and start-up businesses in all areas of the clean growth sector.

  • Logistics
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Energy systems
  • Research and Innovation/education
  • Mobility services/Transport
  • Hotels

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