Perth & Kinross Council and the John Dewar Lamberkin Trust, the driving force behind the Perth West development, are set to strengthen their joint working and engagement today (Wednesday 6 March 2019) with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU aims to develop a structured approach to discussions, co-ordination and joint promotion to attract further investment, research and employment opportunities to the project and city.

Council Leader, Councillor Murray Lyle said: “Signing a MOU with the John Dewar Lamberkin Trust is part of our work in developing our new Perth and Kinross Offer. We are willing to engage positively with local landowners and developers to promote strategic sites and investment propositions.”

Alexander Dewar, Trustee of the John Dewar Lamberkin Trust said: “Our ambition for Perth West is to act as a catalyst for Perth’s transition to a low-carbon, high-skilled economy. The Memorandum of Understanding provides the structure to enable us to work with Perth & Kinross Council and other public and private sector bodies including Tactran, the regional transport partner and Transport Scotland to co-ordinate work and investment to achieve the innovative and inclusive transformation of the city, for the benefit of Perth and the wider region.”

Perth West comprises a national Eco Innovation Business Park and sustainable expansion to the city of Perth including plans for some 1,600 homes, leisure and hotel provision supported by a smart energy grid.

The Business Park will cover a 20 hectare site on the western edge of Perth, hosting a regional logistics consolidation centre, last mile delivery model and a range of infrastructure, commercial and industrial facilities to support the city’s transition to a low-carbon economy while creating skilled employment opportunities. A key element is the Innovation Highway: an integrated energy, data and road corridor which enables logistics businesses, public transport operators, industrial and manufacturing businesses, offices, schools and neighbourhoods to access low-carbon, smart energy and mobility infrastructure.

The smart grid energy development is a response to the UK and Scottish Governments’ ambitions to decarbonise energy generation and distribution through integrated networks including a variety of low carbon sources, storage and digital platforms at a city scale. The aim is to provide clean and affordable energy for emerging new models of low/zero carbon public, freight and shared mobility, public buildings, commercial properties and housing. The development would position Perth as a leading European smart, green city.
As a result of the Tay Cities Deal, up to £300m has been committed for public sector investment by the UK and Scottish Governments into 23 projects across Perth and Kinross, Dundee, Angus and Fife, providing a catalyst for economic growth and helping to cement relationships between local authorities, commercial bodies and other service providers.

Perth West is among the initiatives set to benefit, with the clear commitment from the UK Government through the investment of £5m to the Eco Innovation Business Park and the Scottish Government pledging to support the delivery of projects within the Deal through programmes covering strategic transport interventions and industrial investment in the region, subject to a robust business case.

The Perth West investment proposition is already being supported through Invest in Perth, the UK Department for International Trade pitchbook, the Scottish Governments Capital Investment Programme and the Scottish Development International pitchbook.