Plans for high quality and low carbon living in Perth

Plans for high quality and low carbon living in Perth

Perth & Kinross Council is preparing a Development Brief for the site of Perth’s Thimblerow car park at the junction of Caledonian Road and the Old High Street to guide future planning applications. The vision for this site is to create a high quality, low carbon city centre living experience and improve the public realm.

The Council aims to work with a selected developer to bring forward a planning application for a high-quality exemplar scheme demonstrating the potential for high amenity city centre living in a low carbon development. The first step will be public consultation and the submission of a Proposal of Application Notice.

The Council’s proposals include providing a showcase for low carbon living whilst retaining appropriate car parking for shoppers and improving accessibility to the city centre by shifting the emphasis from cars to people. It also proposes alternative solutions which address accessibility through the provision of measures to encourage sustainable transport options.

There are also proposed improvements to the public realm. This would be achieved by creating more space for people post-pandemic and encouraging a greener, accessible and more pedestrianised version of the city.

The priority for the local authority is to provide a high-quality development within the Conservation Area with commitment to respect the site’s historic setting, protect local trees and enhance the Lade’s biodiversity.

Other proposals include improving links between the retail park and the city centre by providing some active commercial and community uses and above all promoting a quality city centre living experience which includes open space for residents.

Council Leader and Convener of Perth & Kinross Council’s Strategic Policy & Resources Committee Councillor Murray Lyle commented: “The Council has a key opportunity here to accelerate its ambition for Perth becoming a dynamic, sustainable place in which to live life well.

“Town and city centres urgently need to adapt to being principally places in which to live and socialise in the post COVID-19 era.

“The draft Thimblerow Development Brief is a key part of how we hope to achieve these goals.

“Consultation responses from local residents and businesses as well as further afield will inform our finalised guidance. I would urge everyone to take up this opportunity to have their say and let us know what they think.”

The Brief will provide detailed information on how this can be achieved, complementing the policies and site requirements already set out in the Local Development Plan.

You can view and comment on the Draft Development Brief online  or email your comments to The closing date for submitting comments Monday 26 July 2021.

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