St Paul’s Church works update

St Paul’s Church works update

Work continues to progress at St Paul’s Church as part of the Council’s plan to repair and transform part of the historic building into a versatile public space.

Work done on site to date includes site establishment; removal of overhead risks (loose slates, masonry, vegetation, other debris); inspection by engineers of the high level areas; external bat survey with no bats detected; temporary splinting of the upper spire by steeplejacks and the erection of scaffolding to the building. Works currently being undertaken include:

• Environmental cleaning/stabilising work within the main church building and steeple
• Formation of scaffold access bridge to access steeple at high level
• Installation of propping to the existing balcony within the main area
• Surveys of wall-heads and areas of stone repair (to inform Phase 2)
• Search for potential recipient of pews and other internal features to be re-used

Works being prepared currently to be carried out include:

• Removal of asbestos from boiler house
• Stripping of lagging material from heating pipes and removal of over-floor pipework
• Minor repair works to ground floor following propping installation
• Identification and undertaking any necessary repair works within the steeple once the environmental clean has been completed

The current programme for phase 1 indicates completion in early September 2017 subject to the identification of any further substantial work in the steeple.

Council Officers are currently engaged in a procurement exercise to appoint a lead Conservation Architect consultant to help take forward the proposals and Listed Building Consent application process for the repair of the historic building and conversion of part of it into a versatile public space.

The current programme for the development of the site aims for completion in early Spring 2019, however, this is subject to progress with the Listed Building Consent application.

Councillor Ian Campbell, Leader of Perth & Kinross Council, said: “We want to reassure the public that work on this building continues to move at a good pace; however, because the majority of the work currently being carried out relates to the interior of the building you will not notice much change externally yet. The repair of the building and creation of a new public space will create a wealth of new opportunities for the top end High Street but we have to take our time and ensure that these works are carried out in the proper manner so that we can create a new and lasting legacy for the building.

“Over the coming years, Perth’s city centre will go through a remarkable transformation as a number of our iconic buildings and spaces undergo significant regeneration. St Paul’s Church will form part of that hub of creative and inspiring cultural uses and spaces within the city centre.”

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