Investment Opportunities Within Project Beacon at Binn Ecopark

Project Beacon is a collaboration between the Binn Group, EcoideaM Ltd, Pi Polymer Recycling Ltd and Recycling Technologies Ltd.

Whilst there are many components to the solutions that are necessary to resolve the global problem with the mismanagement of plastic waste, Project Beacon approach takes the complexity of plastics recycling away from the consumer by enabling all plastic collections. This makes consumer participation easier and will significantly increase capture rates.

This group is developing a new concept Advanced Plastics Recycling Facility (A-PRF). The facility will enable ‘all plastic’ collections and will provide a level of plastics recycling beyond 80%.

The project is supported by financial assistance from Zero Waste Scotland (£1.7m) and the Tay Cities Deal (£5.2m). Technical partners and investors are still being sought for the Beacon Phase II proposal, to develop the Advanced Plastics Sorting Facility supported by the Tay Cities funding.

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