Economically Active, Well Connected
And Prime Investment Opportunities

Perth’s geographical location right in the heart of Scotland meant that we were able to grow our business very quickly. Attracting business and investment to Perth and the wider city region can bring huge benefits for everyone in the area.

Steven StewartDirector of CommunicationsStagecoach Group

The city’s stunning location on the River Tay and its strategic position at the very heart of Scotland’s road, rail and air transport networks offers a superb location for new investment and business relocation.

Businesses based here enjoy easy access to Scotland’s key population centres, without bearing the high land and property prices of the major cities.

Our ambition now is to see the city region build on its strengths to offer unrivalled business, cultural, educational and leisure opportunities.

To achieve this, businesses can already draw upon an extensive talent pool: with 60% of the area’s population of working age, (a total of 90,000 people).

But this is also an area of dynamic population growth, projected to grow by 13% within the next decade – and by more than a third by 2035: statistics that represent the highest rate of projected population growth in Scotland.