Doing Business In Perth, Scotland

As Scotland’s newest, and most well-connected city, Perth has positioned itself as the first choice business destination for retail, financial services, food & drink, tourism and the emerging industries.

One of four strategic partners in the £700 million Tay Cities Deal partnership, and with ambitions to become one of Europe’s great small cities, Scotland’s historic capital has transformed itself into a modern city, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

The City For Business Growth In Scotland

Whether you’re amongst the new wave of business start-ups, or looking to relocate an existing business, your priorities will almost certainly be centred around economic growth, access to a skilled and sustainable workforce, and strong connectivity in every sense of the word.

Perth offers all of this and more. Driven by an exemplary private-public partnership in the shape of the City Development Board, there is a clear and purposeful vision for a vibrant future, ensuring the region as a whole benefits, grows and evolves.

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