New, Realigned A9 Opens Ahead of Schedule in Cross Tay Link Road Project

New, Realigned A9 Opens Ahead of Schedule in Cross Tay Link Road Project

The new realigned A9 was successfully opened on the 3rd August, three weeks ahead of the original programme.  As well as restoring the A9 back to four lanes by removing the recent temporary traffic management system, the completed works represent a significant milestone within the Cross Tay Link Road project and the Perth Transport Futures Strategy.

William Diver, BAM Nuttall Project Director, commented, “The completion of the realigned dual carriageway is a critical step in the CTLR project as this will link the bridge crossing to the A9, diverting traffic from, and reducing emissions in, Perth city centre.

“Whilst we completed much of the new realigned road off-line – rather than on the live carriageway – we appreciate that the contraflow has been frustrating for the travelling public.  I would like to thank everyone for their patience and cooperation and assure drivers that traffic management on this main stretch of road is now complete.”

Drivers are asked to note the 40mph speed limit between the Inveralmond roundabout and Luncarty junction. This is in place to ensure the safety of personnel using the site accesses and working adjacent to the new carriageway.

As well as completion of the major works for the new realigned road, extensive landscaping has also taken place. Drivers will see an improved environment as well as a clearer view of the city and surrounding areas coming from North to South.   In addition, a new precast beam overbridge, spanning the new A9 has been constructed as part of the project.

Next steps in the project include completing the new A9 overbridge, slip roads, junctions and roundabouts servicing the flow of traffic to and from the A9 onto the new bridge on its opening. Work will also commence on the development of the sustainable urban drainage systems to enhance the ecosystem, and to offer provisions for wildlife and biodiversity surrounding the road network. 

Councillor Grant Laing commented, “One of Perth’s key strengths as an area is its location and well-connected road network. The new realigned section of the A9 brings us one step closer to the vision held within the Perth Transport Futures Strategy, ensuring the long-term economic success of the region, and a cleaner, more sustainable city centre. It is a major achievement of which everyone can be proud.”    

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Cross Tay Link Road Project Update

Link Road

Road surfacing starting under the new Green Bridge at Highfield heading east.

Progress on the pavement construction (CBGM and surfacing) works on the 6km stretch of the road from the River Tay to the A94 is now well advanced.

Work is well underway with constructing the Green Bridge. This will allow access across the new road to Highfield Plantation for active travel users and wildlife, thus maintaining connectivity. The bridge is of a precast concrete design assembled in 32 separate pieces. Access paths leading up to the Green Bridge have commenced and landscaping will begin in November 2023; this is due to seasonal constraints.

The new roundabout construction at Stormontfield Road and the A94 has progressed well and it is anticipated that both of the roundabouts will be completed in the coming months. – The construction of the combined pedestrian and cycleway track has also progressed well in the last few weeks.

Landscaping completed in Spring 2023 has established well during the summer months.  The remaining landscaping is scheduled for completion between November 2023 and March 2024.

Tay Crossing Bridge

The west abutment piling has commenced recently and will continue for the next 6-8 weeks

The west pier foundation, located between the River Tay and the Highland Railway line has been cast.  The pier construction will now commence in the next period.

A significant milestone has been reached on the CTLR project, with the east pier stem completed on the River Tay bridge.   This now facilitates the construction of the hammerhead which forms the first part of the deck superstructure.

Around September 2023, construction of the initial deck segment of reinforced steel, high-strength concrete, and post-tensioning cables will commence. A careful construction sequence will ensure segments are completed on East and West piers alternately, to maintain a perfect balance.

The bridge is currently forecast to complete in late summer 2024.


A critical milestone has been achieved recently with the completion for the new realigned A9 to the west of the old A9.  This was achieved in just 18 months with the recent tie-in works completed under the planned phase 2 contraflow traffic management.

This has allowed motorists to be moved onto the newly realigned dual carriageway and the contraflow removed and replaced with new traffic management under a 40mph temporary speed limit.

The A9 Overbridge superstructure was completed recently with finishing works to continue in the next period.

The remaining off-line works will continue with minimal impact on road users.

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