Perth is a leader in the field of smart technology and offers opportunities for purpose-driven investors and corporates focused on driving place and business innovation in energy and mobility.

The Smart Perth investment opportunities are being delivered through three key pillars; energy, mobility and digital. As we move further into the new, smart age in industry, Perth will ensure long-term, meaningful change by creating added-value through the integration of these pillars into a single roadmap.

Boasting a reputation for excellence in renewable energies, local energy systems, low carbon transport and waste management, the area’s senior economists and policy makers have placed a firm emphasis on energy and mobility smart solutions, including the £90m Perth West development, that will deliver a unique proposition, integrating low carbon innovation within a single urban development.

Over 150 enterprises in this sector already have a base in Perth, including the James Hutton Institute, the McDermott Group and FTSE 100 companies, Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) and Stagecoach.

By prioritising the growth and development of these world-class companies, alongside forward-thinking projects such as Perth Smart Energy City Programme, Perth is well-placed to lead the smart innovation sector into the future.

Current opportunities include:

  • Perth Smart Energy City Programme
  • Binn Eco Innovation Park
  • The Electric A9 and AV Charging
  • Gigabit Connected Perth
  • Perth Energy Partnership
  • Circular Economy

Perth West

Our flagship investment project is a unique opportunity in the heart of Scotland for purpose-driven investors and corporates to co-create this residential and commercial net-zero exemplar. This exciting project will include Perth Innovation Highway, Perth Eco Innovation Park and DR.ECO solar park. Find out more>