Consultation Draft Mobility Strategy

Consultation Draft Mobility Strategy

At the next meeting of the Climate Change and Sustainability Committee, Elected Members will be asked to approve the Consultation Draft Mobility Strategy and associated Draft Action Plan.

The Mobility Strategy is a local transport strategy which will set out Perth and Kinross Council’s vision for managing and developing the transport and active travel network over the next 15 years. It considers all modes of transport for the movement of people and goods across Perth and Kinross’s rural and urban settings.

If approved by Committee, the Draft Strategy and Action Plan will undergo a period of public consultation using the Council’s Consultation Hub platform which will allow members of the public the opportunity to share their views with the Council.

Councillor Richard Watters, Convener of the Climate Change and Sustainability Committee, said: “This Strategy will consider the impact on transport networks and people’s travel patterns, emerging technologies, digital services, housing, inclusion, poverty, health, climate adaptation, economic growth, air quality and place making.

“The Consultation Draft of the Mobility Strategy is an incredibly important step in the process as we seek to transform how people move around Perth and Kinross in the future. The decisions made at the end of this process will change the area as whole and this is why it is very important that our residents take the time to tell us about how the currently move and what their hopes and ambitions are for their community in relation to transport and active travel.”

Perth & Kinross Council’s Corporate Plan 2022-27 includes a list of local, regional and national strategies and plans which set out the context for how we deliver the priorities contained in the Corporate Plan. A Mobility Strategy has been identified as a key strategy in delivering two Corporate Plan priorities: tackling climate change and supporting sustainable places; and developing a resilient, stronger and greener local economy.

The Mobility Strategy is one of three place-based strategies which shape how places develop over the long-term; the others being the Local Housing Strategy and the Local Development Plan. All three strategies aim to deliver the Council’s Corporate Plan vision of a Perth and Kinross where everyone can live life well free from poverty and inequalities.

The Draft Mobility Strategy Action Plan will enable the Council to plan, programme, and deliver actions to achieve the Mobility Strategy’s Transport Planning Objectives.

The Mobility Strategy covers all of Perth and Kinross and has been developed alongside the emerging development and design framework for Perth city centre

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