As the largest campus within the University of the Highlands & Islands (UHI), UHI Perth plays a key role in shaping the skilled workforce within Perth and the wider region. This unique institution offers integrated further and higher education provision, with 3,000 undergraduates currently studying in the city.

UHI Perth’s strategic plan highlights meeting the needs of the local economy as a key aim, including the development of apprenticeships, the exchange of knowledge and opportunities for growth, and by offering training and development partnerships for the workforce and employers.

As well as this, Perth’s close proximity to Dundee, Stirling and Fife offers employers ease-of-access to the research departments and graduate programmes of Abertay University, St Andrews University, University of Stirling and University of Dundee.

The result is a skilled workforce that is qualified across a number of levels, from NVQ2 to NVQ4 and above, and via trade apprenticeships. The effect on the area’s occupational structure in 2018 saw 39% of jobs in the higher level occupations, 33% in the mid-level occupations and 28% in lower level occupations.

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