Ensuring access to a skilled and satisfied workforce is crucial to all business development and Perth is very much a city that has grown with and for its people.

Consistently scoring high in the Top Ten of the Bank of Scotland’s annual happiness index, there is a focus on quality of life and opportunities for all. So much so, that 85% of those working in the Perth and the wider region also choose to live here; residential property prices are highly attractive when compared to Edinburgh’s, just a one hour drive away.

77% of the population is employed, and 61% of that workforce aged 18 – 65 is educated to graduate level.  The continued growth of UHI Perth, the largest campus in the University of the Highland and Islands, will only add to this and with 68% of students holding a permanent address in the area, the skills base is set to expand exponentially.

Perth’s current population growth projections show a 27% increase in the next 20 years, taking the catchment from 148,233 to 190,000. Extend that into the Tay Cities region and this rises to a population of 750,000.