Perthshire Tourism Partnership was established to bring together tourism associations, stakeholders and public sector organisations based in Perth & Kinross to discuss strategic themes relating to tourism in the region.

Through this forum, Perthshire Tourism Partnership partners are tasked with aligning the Perthshire Tourism Action Plan with wider national and regional tourism objectives including the STERG National Action Plan, Scotland Outlook 2030 (the national tourism strategy published March 2020) and the Tay Cities Regional Tourism Strategy 2019-2024.

The national tourism strategy Scotland Outlook 2030’s vision is ‘Scotland. We will be the world leader in 21st century tourism’ with a strategic mission that ‘Together we will grow the value and positively enhance the benefits of tourism across Scotland by delivering the very best for our visitors, our businesses, our people, our communities and our environment’.


Perth & Kinross Council:
Suzanne Cumiskey,
Business Development Project Officer

Laura Brown,  Regional Industry Communications Manager

  • Perthshire Tourism Action Plan 2021-2025

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  • Local Tourism Associations 2021

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