Perth and its wider region has always played a significant role in growing two of the most important industry sectors in the UK: the Food & Drink Sector, and the Tourism Sector.  Over the past 50 years it has also become a hub for insurance and finance, and today is fast becoming synonymous with developments in agritech and renewable energy.

Commercial property and land developments in Perth are priced to be highly competitive in the Scottish marketplace – commercial rental on average is lower than its Edinburgh based equivalent, only an hour away.

This presents real-term cost-efficiencies, particularly for large scale industry and manufacturing, and for corporate headquarter growth, which has led to industry leaders such as Stagecoach, Highland Spring, SSE and Aviva all choosing to conduct their national and international trade from head offices in Perth and the wider region.

If you are looking for an ambitious, vibrant city in which to set up a food and drink business, grow your large retail offer, seize developments in the low carbon, agritech and financial sectors, or grab that sustainable Scottish tourism opportunity, then Perth and the wider region is your way forward.