Cross Tay Link Road Update – April 2024

Cross Tay Link Road Update – April 2024

Phase 2 of the Perth Transport Futures project, The Cross Tay Link Road (CTLR), is currently underway with a due completion date of 2025. This ambitious multi-million project includes the realignment of a portion of the A9 north of Perth, construction of a new bridge over the River Tay and construction of a new link road from the A9 to the A93 and the A94 just north of Scone.

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Update as at April 2024: Derek Walsh, Contract Manager for BAMUK & I commented, “The turbulent winter continued into March with heavy rainfall and cold temperatures which has proved challenging for the entire project team. Despite this, works have progressed well and we are particularly pleased to see the first deck segments complete on Destiny Bridge.”

New Kingsway (Link Road)

The New Kingsway works have progressed well with traffic signs, street lighting, vehicle safety barriers, and landscaping nearing completion between the A93 and A94 roundabouts.

The open section of the New Kingsway between Stormontfield roundabout and the A93 roundabout has been well-received by the local community and offers a glimpse of what the completed road will look like. This section is facilitating local upgrade works to the existing Stormontfield Road which has progressed well.

The majority of the surfacing works have been completed in March with remaining works (wearing course, signage and verge finishes) anticipated to be completed during the next period.

Work on the Green Bridge at Highfield has also progressed well in the period; the remaining works including landscaping, fencing and pathways are scheduled for completion in the next period, facilitating the connection between the new road to Highfield Plantation for active travel users and wildlife.

Access paths leading up to the bridge are scheduled for completion in late spring 2024.

Destiny Bridge

The west abutment stem wall located immediately west of the Highland Railway line has progressed well with the second pour of three now complete. With the east abutment foundation completed, the abutment (end support) construction will now commence.

All four Balanced Cantilever Form Travellers are now in position on the structure hammerheads.

The construction of the initial Form Traveller deck segments of reinforced steel, high-strength concrete, and post-tensioning cables is now underway and during March the first four segments were complete.

A careful construction sequence will ensure that a segment will be constructed on either side of each pier to maintain a perfect balance. The bridge is currently forecast to be completed in 2024.

The A9

The new A9 alignment to the west well-established and working well for drivers, and in addition to this, ancillary works such as bus-bays, footpaths, and accommodation works have now been completed.

The focus now remains on the next phase of the works. The earthworks and drainage along the old A9 route are well underway and the drainage for the new Park & Choose area are now completed.

The A9 Overbridge superstructure has advanced well, with the finishing works (kerbing, ducting and hard landscaping) underway. Surfacing works on the adjacent roundabouts has also commenced in the period.

Opening of the existing cycle path for use by both cyclist and pedestrian users has allowed for a new diversion route, enabling works to progress for the Denmarkfield Access Portal. Piling works for the portal has progressed well, with an anticipated completion date in the next few weeks.

Community Benefits

As the main contractor for the CTLR project, BAM UK & I is targeted to deliver lasting and meaningful change for the communities with Perth & Kinross. Aligned to the Perth and Kinross Offer, projects include skills development, inspiring the next generation, community engagement, supporting charitable endeavours and more.

In the first 4 months of 2024, the team has delivered on multiple benefits including a Community Open Day and Interschools Bridge Building Challenge, as well as being shortlisted for the Carbon Champion Award in the upcoming Construction News Awards. Read more on their blog >

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