Have Your Say – Tactran Consultation Launched

Have Your Say – Tactran Consultation Launched

A draft of the Tayside and Central Scotland Regional Transport Strategy (RTS) is launched, seeking to improve access for people and businesses and reduce the impact of how we travel on the climate.

The strategy has been prepared by the Tactran Regional Transport Partnership in association with Perth& Kinross, Angus, Dundee City, and Stirling Councils, and covers all aspects of travel in the four Council areas, from accessing local facilities to the connections between the region and the rest of Scotland.

The consultation seeks to continue the conversation about the significant changes we all need to make to address the impact of travel on the climate change whilst also improving access for everyone.

Proposals in the draft strategy include:

  • Delivering an accessible, affordable and reliable public transport network across the whole of the region
  • Improving the accessibility of all transport networks to enable all residents, including disabled and older people as well as those from rural areas, to travel independently
  • Working to ensure the region’s transport network is zero emission by 2045, including
    • Cutting car kilometres driven by 20% by 2030
    • Supporting the adoption of electric and low emission vehicles
  • Improving opportunities to walk and cycle so that these can be the modes of choice for short trips to help improve air quality and physical health

The draft RTS reflects extensive scoping and stakeholder engagement work and is now presented for formal consultation, to identify whether any further changes are required before it is considered for adoption.

Tactran is committed to listening to the views of residents and stakeholders before deciding which actions to take and the consultation seeks to understand views on the proposed approach, the impacts that may arise as a result of this approach and if any alternative options should be included.

Councillor Andrew Parrott, Chair of Tactran, said: “We have significant challenges to address. We must recognise the different characteristics of our rural and urban communities whilst addressing the climate emergency and ensuring that there is good access for everyone to where they need to get to.

“This means we will need to take new approaches to how we travel. We need to understand all views so that the changes that are required are delivered in as fair and equitable manner as possible.”

The draft Regional Transport Strategy 2024-2034 has now been released for a 12-week consultation period.  People can read the draft Strategy and have their say at https://tactran.gov.uk/.

If you require the consultation documents in alternative formats, such as easy read or large print, or alternative languages. please contact the Tactran Team on 01738 475775 or by emailing info@tactran.gov.uk .

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