Perth Ranks – First in Scotland for Female-Led Businesses

Perth Ranks – First in Scotland for Female-Led Businesses

Despite the challenging current climate for new companies, the number of women starting businesses in the UK is at an all-time high (Source: Rose Review Progress Report, 2022.)

As part of its diversity in business statistics report, the business finance team at analysed which of the UK’s local authorities offered the best opportunities for female entrepreneurs. Several factors were considered, including the number of self-employed women in the area, the median pay gap and the unemployment score.

With a final score of 8.17 out of 10, Perth and Kinross was ranked first in Scotland and fifth in the UK.
The area scored highest in unemployment (8.63/10) and pay gap (8.58/10), as well as rating third overall in self-employment (7.29/10). Unemployment and pay gap categories with high scores mean less unemployment/pay gap.

In summarising the findings, James Andrews, senior personal finance expert, commented, “It has been a difficult few years for entrepreneurship in the UK, with the pandemic and cost of living crisis. That can be made worse for women, with challenges beyond the economy holding you back. This is most apparent in the North of England, where women face higher barriers than elsewhere in the UK.”

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