As a progressive city, Perth aims to effect long-term, meaningful change that will give rise to inclusive, sustainable, economic growth through a number of smart city initiatives.

How we work, live, and do business is evolving and Perth’s ability to adapt and evolve in an ever-changing global marketplace has secured its reputation as an innovative business destination on the world stage. Smart solutions for energy monitoring, resourcing and repurposing collectively focus residents and businesses while promoting greater awareness of consumption and costs.

Using smart mobility to leverage technology and innovation, multiple forms of transport can be managed in more efficient, resilient and sustainable ways. In addition to this, an increase in connectivity and improved efficiencies have already begun to impact behavioural change using digital network enabled technologies.

The following initiatives are already underway in Perth city and the wider region.

Open Data Platform

The Open by Default approach to publishing non-sensitive data, which will include both existing and new smart city datasets, is now underway. Visit it here >

Intelligent Street Lighting

Existing street lighting has been upgraded to LED lights and intelligent, lighting with sensor-controlled dimming capability in response to motion has been installed in pilot locations.

City Operations Centre

An upgrade in CCTV and integrated City Operations Centre boasts quality, real-time data for safer streets and improved traffic management.

Smart Waste

Through the use of sensors that measure the fill-level of public litter bins, and dynamic on-board weighing systems on vehicles, data is facilitating an improved commercial waste service.

If you are seeking an ambitious, vibrant city in which to invest your capital, build your start-up or better place your national and international headquarters, contact the Invest in Perth team.