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Since lockdown began, Business Gateway has spoken with business owners of all sizes and from across industry, who have been adversely affected by the coronavirus crisis. 

Business Gateway is a service available to all businesses regardless of life stage or size. Amongst a whole host of services they support start-ups, self-employed practitioners and micro-businesses, as well as larger companies with premises and employees. One of the key benefits they bring is the provision of access to leading industry experts.

Business Gateway are about to launch a new service in Tayside for all businesses affected by Coronavirus.  Covid-19 Survive & Thrive aims to help businesses navigate through the coming months and the challenges ahead. 

The new service will provide clients with a minimum of seven hours of support tailored to the needs of their business, including: understanding current business position, reshaping products or services, adopting changes to reflect market demand, considering new ways of delivery of products and services and identifying opportunities for diversification.  

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