By prioritising a sense of wellbeing and place, Perth West aims to become an exemplar neighbourhood for all who live and work there.

A series of community hubs will link the Perth West development to the surrounding area through better mobility, energy and wellbeing options.

A heritage park will be the cornerstone of a Blue-Green infrastructure that seeks to create net biodiversity gain within the development and public art, footpaths and cycle tracks will promote community activities and integration.


  • Connected to DR.ECO solar park and rooftop solar
  • Communal battery
  • Public EV charging
  • Smart-grid for 500 connected houses


  • Exemplar public transport connections
  • EV car club and residential parking
  • Docked eBikes and eScooters
  • Easy access when moving from one mode of transport to the other


  • 3500 strong Residential development
  • Community parks and play space
  • Co-working facilities
  • Cafés, Hotels and Leisure
  • Perth West Profile

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