The Eco-Innovation Park covers 25ha of land within the Perth West development aimed at stimulating growth in advanced next generation logistics, last mile distribution and research and development.

Based on green design and low energy construction, the site will benefit from an integrated environment that includes space for renewable energy, urban mobility solutions, active travel and blue-green infrastructure.

The Park Could Include:

  • Advanced low carbon design buildings including Smart warehouses, labs and office blocks
  • Office based quarter supporting technology focused firms, construction HQs, and high end engineering and technology including AI and robotics
  • Living Lab for Research and Development businesses and building on existing partnerships with universities and Scotland’s innovation centres.
  • National Green Transport Hub to promote decarbonisation of HGVs and coaches including multi-fuel refuelling, rest stops and a last mile transfer of goods point
  • Warehouses and manufacturing aimed at high end engineering solutions in the national focus towards Net Zero.

The Tenant Mix

By creating a national hub of excellence there is a real opportunity to develop a collective vision for future growth amongst all who work and invest here.

Offering a new and dynamic way of working for businesses of all sizes, the Eco-Innovation Park will provide everything from flexible working environments for innovative small start-ups to innovative manufacturing space for large companies and dynamic lab-based areas for research & development.

Working side-by-side with like-minded companies will engender opportunities for cross-selling, joint working and ideas generation. In addition, companies will be well-positioned to minimise their collective environmental impact work together on energy consumption, waste solutions and the active travel promotion.

Speak to the Team.

Serge Merone | [email protected]
Climate Change & Smart Investment Manager

Graham Pinfield | [email protected]

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