Perth West is a four phased development of mixed tenure housing and a regional consolidation centre and Business Innovation Park on the edge of Perth; it includes a grade separated junction on the A9 trunk road. The result is 240 hectares of mixed use development for 3,000 new homes, schools, amenities and public realm, with 20+ hectares ring-fenced for eco-innovation businesses.

A first for Scotland, the development reflects the strong market interest for this type of community to emerge and with an unrivalled location and strong foundations in heritage, business and academia, Perth and the wider region is uniquely positioned to capture this economic opportunity.

Our forecasts are the project will deliver +1,000 new and skilled FTE jobs for Perth, targeting the resident population in addition to the wider regional skills and business resource delivered.

Integrated with the city and wider ‘Connected Tay’ projects, Perth West will also deliver a wider physical and digital framework, capable of bringing together regional companies in one strategic location. This will allow the application of urban mobility technologies at scale and in doing so will support the region’s transition to a low carbon economy.

As part of this, the distribution consolidation centre will host technologies, systems and processes to decarbonise urban growth including electrically enabled highways, mobility as a service, automation, Artificial Intelligence and renewable district power generation.

The space is being heralded as a 1.5km Innovation Highway and will nurture innovations in the fields of transportation, logistics and energy, all set within an open, digital infrastructure. This will bridge policy and technology by delivering integrated infrastructure in the mobility, energy and data sectors. It will include:

  • A digital, IoT enabled open platform fibre network for new commerce, research, manufacturing and housing
  • An electrical charging corridor for public transport, commercial and private vehicles
  • A 4th generation heat and power network providing heat and power generated through locally produced renewable energy
  • An integrated energy system for trialling a distributed energy system

Perth West National Eco-Innovation Business Park is included in the new Local Development Plan and a master planning is currently being developed. The Park will cover 20ha and will be available to businesses interested in growing their brand in line with Perth’s aspirational vision in the clean growth sector.

The Invest In Perth team is currently seeking interest from both existing and start-up businesses in all areas of the clean growth sector.

  • Logistics
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Energy systems
  • Research and Innovation/education
  • Mobility services/Transport
  • Hotels

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